Materials Needed:

  • 1/4 sheet of 5.5mm mahogany plywood (underlay)
  • 26 inches of 3/4 inch wood dowel
  • about 5 inches of 2×4 lumber
  • one 1/4-20×1 inch bolt
  • one 1/4-20×3 inch carriage bolt
  • two 1/4-20 wing nuts
  • three 1 1/2 inch washers

If the sheet of plywood material is 24 inches by 48 inches, cut 8 inchess off to make a sheet 24 by 40 inches in size. Retain the 8 by 24 inch piece.

Cut five pieces at 2 inches by 40 inches. Stack the five pieces. Clamp and drill a 5/16 inch hole through all five pieces, one end only, centred and one inch from the end.

Unclamp and remove one piece. Re-clamp the remaining four pieces. Drill a 7/8 inch hole through the other end, centred and one inch from the end.

These four pieces require a 1/4 inch slot cut in the centre. The slot should be eighteen inches from the end with the larger hole, and sixteen inches from the end with the small hole. These four pieces will be the upper and lower side arms.

The fifth piece needs a 1/4 inch slot cut in the centre down its length to within one inch of the end of one inch from the small hole. This is the vertical arm.

This completes the fabrication of the arms. View a sketch of the inventory and support arms.

Cut the remaining 8×24 inch piece in half to make two pieces at 4×24 inches.

Set an angle of fifteen degrees and cut one piece to be 17 inches along the long edge (15 along the short edge). This will be the upper support plate and mounting platform for the Solar Sizzler™ (plate “A”).

Cut another piece to be 10 1/2 inches along the long edge (8 1/2 along the short). This will be the lower support plate (plate “B”).

1/4 inch slots are required one inch in from the edges and two inches deep on both pieces.

The upper support (“A”) requires a 1/4 inch slot centred on the 15 inch side and cut two inches deep. This slot is used to mount the Sizzler.

From the remains of the 4 inch plywood, cut two pieces 3 1/2 inches wide using the 15 degree angle. These are required as spacers on the upper support (“A”).

A piece of 2×4 scrap lumber will do for making four wedges. These use the same 15 degree angle cut as before.

A 5/16 inch hole needs to be drilled through all four (for the three inch carriage bolt to go through), centred one inch from the end. Note that the hole alternates from large end to small end. The block of wood can be pre-drilled prior to cutting.

This completes all the cutting tasks.

Glue and clamp the 2 spacers to the upper support plate (“A”). These should be positioned near the center slot.

Take 2 of the side arms and the 4 wedges. Align the 5/16 hole through arms and wedges and glue and clamp the wedges to the arms so that the arms form a 30 degree angle. Mark the two inside wedges to help identify for assembly later.

This completes the fabrication. View an exploded diagram of the top assembly.


Take the two lower side arms (no wedges) and the vertical arm (long slot). Sandwich the vertical arm between the side arms, aligning the 5/16 hole on all. Using the short bolt and 2 washers (one washer per side), attach this assembly and lightly tighten with a wing-nut.

Take the lower side arm/vertical arm assembly and slide the dowel through the large hole until it is halfway through.

Space the upper side arms so they are about 2 inches from either end of the dowel making sure the marked wedge pieces face each other. Pull the wedge ends together and slide the upper support plate through the slots and towards the dowel. Keep the spacer side up. This will bend the plywood and tighten the arms on the dowel.

Swing the vertical arm up and sandwich it between the wedges of the upper arms. Put the 3 inch carriage bolt through all, using the remaining washer on the wing-nut side. You want the carriage bolt to “seat” itself into the wooden wedge, which will stop the bolt turning when you make adjustments.

Slide the lower arms apart and set them to about 2 inches (not critical) away from the upper arms. Slide the lower support plate through the slots and press towards the dowel.

With the Solar Sizzler assembled and its 3 inch bolt in place through the center hole of the hub, washers and wing-nut attached, loosen the wing-nut on the front of the Sizzler to leave exposed thread on the bolt behind the hub.

Place the Sizzler on the upper support plate and slide the bolt down the center slot until it “bottoms”. Snug the wing-nut and you are ready to cook.

The angle of the Sizzler is adjusted by slightly loosening the wing-nut of the top assembly, then sliding the side arms up or down to create the desired angle for the Sizzler and re-tightening the wing-nut.