Customer Testimonials

Hear what Pete Cummings of KDKB Radio in Arizona has to say about Solar Sizzler

Our Customers write back…

“I’ve looked into just about everything I can find, but yours looks both effective and in a more reasonable price range, and more sturdy than some”- Penny, Oregon

“Wednesday was a gloriously sunny day – our scheduled solar activity day. We angled the Solar Sizzler at about 60 degrees and roasted about 45 hot dogs on skewers. It was a huge success! We really had to curb the urge to burn paper and set logs on fire..”-Jean, Ontario

“I was playing with the SS last weekend up at my farm. I built the wooden stand for it. I got a big pot of water nice and hot for the dishes. No problems. Thanks.” – Rob, Ontario

“It works well. I have used old tomato cages to hold both the Sizzler and the cooking pots. They are cheap and can be bent easily. The different sized rings of the cages allow me to hold differently sized pots. They also mean I can keep the sizzler and the pots closer to ground level.” – Ian, Ontario

“I got the Sizzler ‘second’ on Saturday. It didn’t look much like a ‘second’ to me though. It seemed to be in very good shape. The minor scratches were in the ‘unnoticeable’ category for me. Thanks for the great deal and fast shipment… I’m so tickled with this sizzler that you should have many testimonials to come in the future. Thanks again. I’m a very happy customer!” – Max, Arizona

“I received the Sizzler yesterday and all is well–used it today on my deck to make some corn on the cob!” – Leslie, Nova Scotia

“I received my Solar Sizzler in time for my camping trip. I did not have a camera tripod, but we put the thing together and leaned it on a box just to check it out. Wow. We couldn’t believe how fast it got hot. My friend had a dark blue pan, we put water in it and before we got it adjusted good it was hot and very soon boiling… Anyway – it is awesome and I am excited about it. ” – Lyn, Oklahoma

“Just to let you know that the Sizzlers arrived in Calgary okay. I assembled both sets and sent one to the Philippines. I was trying the second set in my south facing kitchen a few days ago. It sure gets hot at the focal point. I turned it 70 degrees to the sun thinking that that was enough but it still caught some rays and started my kitchen chair on fire. haha.” – Randy, Calgary

“I’m very pleased with the quality of your product. Have everything, the dish, the mount, and the camp tripod. Took it out to the Mojave desert this last weekend to an amateur astronomy group site I belong to in hopes of using it. Unfortunately we were totally socked in with cloud cover the day i was out there but I plan to try again in a couple of weeks. I will recommend it to anyone I come in contact with so you may get some more orders from here in southern California.” – Todd, California

“Both the Sizzler and the stand are truly beautiful… So far I’ve been very pleased with the Sizzler performance, and if it withstands a few months of wear and tear will probably be wanting to purchase more. I bet its performance would be a lot better if it wasn’t raining all the time! Guess I shouldn’t be complaining — at least I don’t have to shovel a spot for it!” – Mark, California

“Received my Sizzler Monday and we had sunny weather Tuesday. I took an hour off work to come home and test it. I was positively impressed with it. My ten-year-old and her friend were on school Spring break so I had spectators during the first test. I cooked scrambled eggs and bacon on a dark griddle I hung on a tripod. They were so impressed my daughter remarked she was “glad my daddy is smart.” Her friend responded “I wish my daddy was smart.” ; ) My wife took a photo as it is rare that I cook anything (I’m helpless when it comes to preparing food). I wrote up my impressions for a “column” I write for an Internet preparedness forum (Our Country Haven). I also plan to show it to relatives and friends on Saturday as the weather forecast is for sunny weather here in WV… you have a great product.” – Dan, West Virginia