The Use Of Solar Yard Lights Will Add Drama To Any Landscaping

When trying to find ways to add decoration to the lawn, solar yard lights are a perfect choice. They do not increase the electric bill and there are no extension cords laying all over the yard. These lights can be used in a number of different ways for adding illumination to all sections of the yard.

The installation is a very easy task and once installed the maintenance only requires changing a battery on occasion.

This type of yard light has become extremely popular due to the amount of security lighting they provide as well as the low cost of purchase and great environmental benefits.

They are good for along walkways, around the patio or a garden area.

At first the solar lights were attractive to buyers due to the no wire installation. The light is placed in the ground and only requires sunlight to operate for a bright illumination at night.

We are all always on the lookout for ways to be environment friendly and the use of sun as a power source is a perfect way to get started going green. These lights are functional from a small solar panel which collects the power from the sunlight during the daytime hours.

The power is stored in the battery which will illuminate the light at night fall. Maintenance is simply changing the battery on occasion.

The solar lights are very inexpensive as well as cost efficient. They are usually found at all home improvement and many discount stores.

For an initial investment of less than twenty dollars a solar light will last for several years. They are excellent for installing beside a walkway for use as security lighting during the night.

The installation is super easy and can be completed in only a few hours. When installing the lights it is best to place them in areas where there is direct sunlight in order to give a longer lasting light.

The light can be installed in low sunlight areas; they just will not be lit for as many hours as with full sunlight.

For landscaping additions, solar yard lights look great in flower beds and will add drama to the area housing a flag pole. Simply place lights in the ground around the base of the pole and aim the light up.

For a business these are great ways to save money when illuminating a business sign at night. Place three or four lights in front of the sign with them aiming up towards it.

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What’s so great about the Solar Sizzler™?

Solar Sizzler

Using the Solar Sizzler™ for cooking means using a cost-free, non-polluting, renewable and plentiful source of heat for cooking whenever the sun is shining. It’ll save on electricity or gas bills, and is good for the environment.

Where would I use it?

I use mine in my backyard all the time. I can cook while I’m enjoying being in the garden without having to go back inside to the kitchen to check on the food I’m cooking! It’s a great way to cook at a camp site or when traveling. Imagine cooking a freshly-caught fish, using solar energy, right beside the river where it was caught—without having to make a fire or carry a barbecue or gas stove! Or cooking ribs, stews, sauces, and soups using free energy! Since it comes apart into segments, it’s easy to pack up and carry for transporting to a camp or cottage. It’s lightweight and small enough that, when disassembled, it can fit in a backpack!

How would I cook with a Solar Sizzler™?

Once the Solar Sizzler™ is assembled, you need to aim it at the sun. You could build a simple support or use something that is commercially available such as a camera shoe and tripod. Then you would need a support for a cooking pot. (The pot works best if it’s black… I spray mine with black barbecue paint.) You might hang your pot from a tree, or even a laundry line, but using a tripod made for camping is probably the most reliable way to go. Place your cooking pot in the focal point of the light being reflected by the Solar Sizzler™. You can adjust how hot your cooking pot gets by moving the pot or the Solar Sizzler™ away from (or closer to) each other.

Is it complicated to assemble?

Not at all! Put it together in 3 easy steps: 1 Just snap together all the wings to make the outer ring. 2 Put the circular hub into the hole created in the outer ring. 3 Slide the L-shaped hooks on the hub into the slots on the wings and secure them in place… and your Solar Sizzler™ is ready!