What’s so great about the Solar Sizzler™?

Solar Sizzler

Using the Solar Sizzler™ for cooking means using a cost-free, non-polluting, renewable and plentiful source of heat for cooking whenever the sun is shining. It’ll save on electricity or gas bills, and is good for the environment.

Where would I use it?

I use mine in my backyard all the time. I can cook while I’m enjoying being in the garden without having to go back inside to the kitchen to check on the food I’m cooking! It’s a great way to cook at a camp site or when traveling. Imagine cooking a freshly-caught fish, using solar energy, right beside the river where it was caught—without having to make a fire or carry a barbecue or gas stove! Or cooking ribs, stews, sauces, and soups using free energy! Since it comes apart into segments, it’s easy to pack up and carry for transporting to a camp or cottage. It’s lightweight and small enough that, when disassembled, it can fit in a backpack!

How would I cook with a Solar Sizzler™?

Once the Solar Sizzler™ is assembled, you need to aim it at the sun. You could build a simple support or use something that is commercially available such as a camera shoe and tripod. Then you would need a support for a cooking pot. (The pot works best if it’s black… I spray mine with black barbecue paint.) You might hang your pot from a tree, or even a laundry line, but using a tripod made for camping is probably the most reliable way to go. Place your cooking pot in the focal point of the light being reflected by the Solar Sizzler™. You can adjust how hot your cooking pot gets by moving the pot or the Solar Sizzler™ away from (or closer to) each other.

Is it complicated to assemble?

Not at all! Put it together in 3 easy steps: 1 Just snap together all the wings to make the outer ring. 2 Put the circular hub into the hole created in the outer ring. 3 Slide the L-shaped hooks on the hub into the slots on the wings and secure them in place… and your Solar Sizzler™ is ready!