Solar Lamp Post

Solar Lamp Post

If you are a home owner then a solar lamp post is something that you may very well need. These are a recently new invention and have many advantages over the old style of lamp posts. In this site we will discuss the advantages of owning a solar lamp post. We will also discuss price and what to look for when deciding which one to buy.

I personally live out in the country away from city lights. My driveway is very dark and nearly impossible to see once it gets dark. I knew I needed a light out at the end of the driveway, but it is 200 feet long and I didn’t want to dig a trench that long for the wires. Plus the price for an electrician would have made it quite a steep investment just for a driveway light. That’s when my wife suggested a solar lamp post. At first I figured it wouldn’t work well at all, but I was surprised to see how far they have come with the technology.

The first thing I noticed when I started looking for a solar lamp post was that they come with LED lights installed in them. These lights are much brighter than the old style and use much less power. This way the light stays on for a very long time on little power and remains bright the whole time. The solar batteries that are inside the light are also a much better technology than the old style. Most have lithium batteries which last a very long time on a charge. This is also better for the environment because you don’t need to use electricity and the power source is just the sun, so you remain carbon neutral.

As I said before you can install one anywhere and don’t need to dig trenches or run any wires. That is the real great thing, the installation is a snap and costs you nothing except your time.

I got my solar lamp post at my local hardware store for $265.00. They have cheaper ones but mine came with eight LED lights. Cheaper ones have only one light and may be lesser quality. When you are looking I would recommend the following features.

Cast aluminum construction

Auto dusk-to-dawn operation

Powder coated finish

Glass panes

You should shop around online as well for the best price, but watch out because sometimes you will have to pay too much for shipping.

So now I can see my driveway easily even in the darkest of nights. It didn’t cost me much and there was no mess plus the installation was very easy. If you need light for a driveway or your backyard or anywhere at all I would highly recommend a solar lamp post. It has made my driveway much safer at the very cheapest price I could pay.

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