Solar Yard Lighting

Solar Yard Lighting

If you have a backyard chances are that you have thought about using solar yard lighting to provide nighttime illumination. A big advantage with them is that there is no wiring running across your lawn, which could cause people to trip. The main thing to consider is that your yard must get direct sunlight during the day to charge the lights. They generate and store power during the day and then when the sun has gone down they release it, which is very similar to how a satellite works.

Solar yard lighting consists of a plastic case, a solar cell on the top, an AA Nicad battery, a small controller board, an LED light source and a photoresistor to sense darkness. Many homeowners use these types of lights for safety reasons. They may have a very dark or dangerous pathway or set of stairs that needs nighttime illumination. Since they do not require electrical power, you do not have to worry about them not working during a power failure.

The sensors that are a part of solar yard lightingis able to tell the onset of nightfall and daybreak, which means they automatically turn off and on without any intervention by the homeowner. This is a good feature as it allows your yard to be lit whether you are home or not.

There are other types if solar yard lighting that run off of one solar panel. The panel must be in the sun while not all lights running off it need to be in the sun, you can have some in the shade if you wish. These alternative energy sources are very popular now and they save people money and are much better for the environment. If you have never considered this form of outdoor lighting then it is time you joined the cause.

Solar yard lighting adds beauty to your landscaping as well as providing a safe walking area at night. People use these lights to illuminate statues, water fountains and flower gardens as well. The cost of purchasing these lights has diminished over the last few years making them an even better investment now. They are also quite simple to use and require little effort to install.

Solar yard lighting must be charged long enough to provide adequate nighttime lighting. The improvements in batteries and solar cells have made it easier to find an acceptable location to charge during the day. When searching for the proper lighting to meet your needs make sure you get the information on how long the charge lasts. Some lights stay on longer than others do. Many retail outlets now sell these types of lighting systems. Online stores also offer different types of solar lighting as well.

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