Solar Walkway Lights – Add Bright Lights to Your Home the Easy Way!

Solar Walkway Lights

Solar walkway lights are a great way that you can add depth, warmth, and safety to your home. Lights like these copper pathlights from Homebrite  are easy to install, create some great light, and can be used on almost in almost any lawn or garden. Since the only installation required is sticking these lights into the ground, installing them is a home improvement project that can easily be completed in a weekend.  Here are some other choices for great light fixtures that you can add to your property this weekend!

Moonrays Verona Style Solar Powered Light

This package from Moonrays comes with 10 solar powered walkway lights for under $30 and is one of the best deals that you will find for lighting up your home. The lights give off a soft glow that is idea for outdoor path lighting.  They provide enough light to see by, but they won’t overpower the other lights on your landscape.  They offer great value for your money and are in the price range of nearly every homeowner.  Buy them here , or see our full review on them for more information.

Moonrays Wilmont Style Path Lights, Copper

If you like the Moonrays brand but want to a slightly different look to your path than the Verona style lamps offer, check out these Wilmont style lamps.  They are just as affordable as the Verona lamps, but are finished with copper, giving them a nice study feel and classic look.  You can find them and a huge selection of other landscape lights here .

Let’s Edge It Decorative Brick Edging

One of the more unique options that you have for installing solar walkway light is these decorative bricks from let’s Edge It. This set of lights comes with 6 solar powered lights and 50 bricks, all of which easily snap together and can be pressed into the ground.  They’re useful for walkways, but you can also use them to edge a multitude of other areas, from flower beds to patios.  They work very well, are bright and stay lit nearly the entire night.  Read our review, or find them on Amazon  to start working them into your lighting plans today.

Newport Solar Landscape Path Lights

This solar walkway lighting package from Newport Solar come with 12 different solar lights and is a great option for anyone that wants to add some outdoor garden lighting quick.  The lights are great for your walkways, but have numerous other applications as solar lights for gardens. They can be used for accent lighting anywhere in your landscape, feature lighting, and even ambient lighting. The lights themselves are made of stainless steel and fit in great with any contemporary lighting fixtures that you already currently have installed.

Homebrite Copper Landscape Lights

Our final pick for light fixtures that will work great for adding lights to your paths is this set of lights from Homebrite.  They are stainless steel with a copper finish, like a few of the other fixtures we reviewed but what sets these lights apart is the “warm light” LEDs included in them.  The natural, warm  light from these LEDs puts out softer, more gentle light than the harsh blue-white light that many other solar lighting fixtures emit.  To give your property a soft, warm glow you can’t beat these lights.

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