How To Troubleshoot Solar Garden Lights?

Solar Garden Lights

When it comes to garden and landscape lighting, my personal preference is solar. Solar garden lights are eco-friendly because they use free energy from the sun (no electricity!) and they are easy to install.

Sometimes though, solar lights will stop working. What can you do if your lights fail to light up at night? Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot your solar landscape lights.


The first thing to check with lights that aren’t working would be the batteries. Make sure you have turned on the lights (some lights have on/off switches) and that you have removed any pull-tab that blocks the batteries from making contact during shipping. Believe me, I’ve done this before.

The NiCad rechargeable batteries that light up solar garden lights should last for one to two years, if you’ve had the lights for awhile you might need to get new batteries. Replacement batteries can be purchased in the lighting or garden section of most home improvement stores.


Solar landscape lights need at least six hours of direct sunlight on the solar panel during the day in order to light up at night. If your solar lights are not lighting up, are dim or are not staying lit for very long, check their location. Move them into a bright, sunny spot to collect sunlight then watch to see how well they light up at night.

If solar lights are located too close to bright outside lights (such as a porch light or security light) they will not light up adequately. Trying moving them farther away from the outside lights.

Solar Panel

If the solar panel is obscured by dirt or leaves or appears to be damaged, clean it off then set the light in the sun. Occasionally a solar panel can become so dirty or damaged that it no longer functions.

LED Bulb

While LED lights have long lifespans, the bulbs can occasionally become damaged. When a few of my solar lights stop lighting up, I discovered that two of them had damaged LED bulbs. The leads on the bulbs can corrode and break, which is what happened with these particular lights.

Replacing the LED bulbs on inexpensive solar garden lights is not cost effective, but if you have bought high-end lights with a warranty you should check with the manufacturer.

Depending upon the circumstances, the terms of the warranty and the time frame, some solar light manufacturers will warranty and replace damaged bulbs (or entire lights).

Final Thoughts

If you have replaced the batteries, cleaned the terminals, checked the LED bulbs, cleared the solar panels, changed the locations and your solar garden lights still don’t work, then you may just be out of luck. Fortunately, solar landscape lights are affordably priced and can be replaced easily.

Solar Fairy Lights

Solar Fairy Lights

Solar fairy lights come in a variety of styles that are sure to add a wonderful accent to your garden or yard.  You can purchase a cluster of lights in a ball shape that are called solar fairy lights, or you can purchase a more traditional actual representation of a fairy in the form of a solar light.

The best aspects of installing solar fairy lights are two fold.  First, there is no complicated installation process, you simple either hang your light cluster in a tree (ball shape style), or place the fairy on the ground in the desired location.  The other great aspect is that you do not need to pay for the electrical charges associated with this lighting, because it is entirely solar, therefore, costs you nothing.

If you want to add an almost magical quality to your yard or garden, then solar fairy lights are the ticket.  Solar fairy lights can be fully charged and ready to add a fantasy quality to your yard with just one day in the sun.  The solar cell contained within the light unit will automatically turn on the light and light up for a full 15 hours of continuous illumination.

Of course, solar fair lights are not going to provide an extraordinary amount of light, they are simply an accent or a feature that adds interest and can light up small areas of interest.  They can be used as a tool to light a path or show an area where a person can walk or sit, for example, on a bench.

These days, everyone is trying their best to do everything that they can to move towards a more green lifestyle by conserving energy and wasting less.  Solar fairy lights are a great choice because they do not require electricity and are harmless to our environment.  Although solar lighting may cost more when you purchase it, in the long run you will end up saving quite a bit of money in electrical costs.  The only major drawback to this type of lighting is that it may not perform optimally if the weather is cloudy or rainy.

Solar Lamp Post

Solar Lamp Post

If you are a home owner then a solar lamp post is something that you may very well need. These are a recently new invention and have many advantages over the old style of lamp posts. In this site we will discuss the advantages of owning a solar lamp post. We will also discuss price and what to look for when deciding which one to buy.

I personally live out in the country away from city lights. My driveway is very dark and nearly impossible to see once it gets dark. I knew I needed a light out at the end of the driveway, but it is 200 feet long and I didn’t want to dig a trench that long for the wires. Plus the price for an electrician would have made it quite a steep investment just for a driveway light. That’s when my wife suggested a solar lamp post. At first I figured it wouldn’t work well at all, but I was surprised to see how far they have come with the technology.

The first thing I noticed when I started looking for a solar lamp post was that they come with LED lights installed in them. These lights are much brighter than the old style and use much less power. This way the light stays on for a very long time on little power and remains bright the whole time. The solar batteries that are inside the light are also a much better technology than the old style. Most have lithium batteries which last a very long time on a charge. This is also better for the environment because you don’t need to use electricity and the power source is just the sun, so you remain carbon neutral.

As I said before you can install one anywhere and don’t need to dig trenches or run any wires. That is the real great thing, the installation is a snap and costs you nothing except your time.

I got my solar lamp post at my local hardware store for $265.00. They have cheaper ones but mine came with eight LED lights. Cheaper ones have only one light and may be lesser quality. When you are looking I would recommend the following features.

Cast aluminum construction

Auto dusk-to-dawn operation

Powder coated finish

Glass panes

You should shop around online as well for the best price, but watch out because sometimes you will have to pay too much for shipping.

So now I can see my driveway easily even in the darkest of nights. It didn’t cost me much and there was no mess plus the installation was very easy. If you need light for a driveway or your backyard or anywhere at all I would highly recommend a solar lamp post. It has made my driveway much safer at the very cheapest price I could pay.

Solar Yard Lighting

Solar Yard Lighting

If you have a backyard chances are that you have thought about using solar yard lighting to provide nighttime illumination. A big advantage with them is that there is no wiring running across your lawn, which could cause people to trip. The main thing to consider is that your yard must get direct sunlight during the day to charge the lights. They generate and store power during the day and then when the sun has gone down they release it, which is very similar to how a satellite works.

Solar yard lighting consists of a plastic case, a solar cell on the top, an AA Nicad battery, a small controller board, an LED light source and a photoresistor to sense darkness. Many homeowners use these types of lights for safety reasons. They may have a very dark or dangerous pathway or set of stairs that needs nighttime illumination. Since they do not require electrical power, you do not have to worry about them not working during a power failure.

The sensors that are a part of solar yard lightingis able to tell the onset of nightfall and daybreak, which means they automatically turn off and on without any intervention by the homeowner. This is a good feature as it allows your yard to be lit whether you are home or not.

There are other types if solar yard lighting that run off of one solar panel. The panel must be in the sun while not all lights running off it need to be in the sun, you can have some in the shade if you wish. These alternative energy sources are very popular now and they save people money and are much better for the environment. If you have never considered this form of outdoor lighting then it is time you joined the cause.

Solar yard lighting adds beauty to your landscaping as well as providing a safe walking area at night. People use these lights to illuminate statues, water fountains and flower gardens as well. The cost of purchasing these lights has diminished over the last few years making them an even better investment now. They are also quite simple to use and require little effort to install.

Solar yard lighting must be charged long enough to provide adequate nighttime lighting. The improvements in batteries and solar cells have made it easier to find an acceptable location to charge during the day. When searching for the proper lighting to meet your needs make sure you get the information on how long the charge lasts. Some lights stay on longer than others do. Many retail outlets now sell these types of lighting systems. Online stores also offer different types of solar lighting as well.

Solar Walkway Lights – Add Bright Lights to Your Home the Easy Way!

Solar Walkway Lights

Solar walkway lights are a great way that you can add depth, warmth, and safety to your home. Lights like these copper pathlights from Homebrite  are easy to install, create some great light, and can be used on almost in almost any lawn or garden. Since the only installation required is sticking these lights into the ground, installing them is a home improvement project that can easily be completed in a weekend.  Here are some other choices for great light fixtures that you can add to your property this weekend!

Moonrays Verona Style Solar Powered Light

This package from Moonrays comes with 10 solar powered walkway lights for under $30 and is one of the best deals that you will find for lighting up your home. The lights give off a soft glow that is idea for outdoor path lighting.  They provide enough light to see by, but they won’t overpower the other lights on your landscape.  They offer great value for your money and are in the price range of nearly every homeowner.  Buy them here , or see our full review on them for more information.

Moonrays Wilmont Style Path Lights, Copper

If you like the Moonrays brand but want to a slightly different look to your path than the Verona style lamps offer, check out these Wilmont style lamps.  They are just as affordable as the Verona lamps, but are finished with copper, giving them a nice study feel and classic look.  You can find them and a huge selection of other landscape lights here .

Let’s Edge It Decorative Brick Edging

One of the more unique options that you have for installing solar walkway light is these decorative bricks from let’s Edge It. This set of lights comes with 6 solar powered lights and 50 bricks, all of which easily snap together and can be pressed into the ground.  They’re useful for walkways, but you can also use them to edge a multitude of other areas, from flower beds to patios.  They work very well, are bright and stay lit nearly the entire night.  Read our review, or find them on Amazon  to start working them into your lighting plans today.

Newport Solar Landscape Path Lights

This solar walkway lighting package from Newport Solar come with 12 different solar lights and is a great option for anyone that wants to add some outdoor garden lighting quick.  The lights are great for your walkways, but have numerous other applications as solar lights for gardens. They can be used for accent lighting anywhere in your landscape, feature lighting, and even ambient lighting. The lights themselves are made of stainless steel and fit in great with any contemporary lighting fixtures that you already currently have installed.

Homebrite Copper Landscape Lights

Our final pick for light fixtures that will work great for adding lights to your paths is this set of lights from Homebrite.  They are stainless steel with a copper finish, like a few of the other fixtures we reviewed but what sets these lights apart is the “warm light” LEDs included in them.  The natural, warm  light from these LEDs puts out softer, more gentle light than the harsh blue-white light that many other solar lighting fixtures emit.  To give your property a soft, warm glow you can’t beat these lights.

The Use Of Solar Yard Lights Will Add Drama To Any Landscaping

When trying to find ways to add decoration to the lawn, solar yard lights are a perfect choice. They do not increase the electric bill and there are no extension cords laying all over the yard. These lights can be used in a number of different ways for adding illumination to all sections of the yard.

The installation is a very easy task and once installed the maintenance only requires changing a battery on occasion.

This type of yard light has become extremely popular due to the amount of security lighting they provide as well as the low cost of purchase and great environmental benefits.

They are good for along walkways, around the patio or a garden area.

At first the solar lights were attractive to buyers due to the no wire installation. The light is placed in the ground and only requires sunlight to operate for a bright illumination at night.

We are all always on the lookout for ways to be environment friendly and the use of sun as a power source is a perfect way to get started going green. These lights are functional from a small solar panel which collects the power from the sunlight during the daytime hours.

The power is stored in the battery which will illuminate the light at night fall. Maintenance is simply changing the battery on occasion.

The solar lights are very inexpensive as well as cost efficient. They are usually found at all home improvement and many discount stores.

For an initial investment of less than twenty dollars a solar light will last for several years. They are excellent for installing beside a walkway for use as security lighting during the night.

The installation is super easy and can be completed in only a few hours. When installing the lights it is best to place them in areas where there is direct sunlight in order to give a longer lasting light.

The light can be installed in low sunlight areas; they just will not be lit for as many hours as with full sunlight.

For landscaping additions, solar yard lights look great in flower beds and will add drama to the area housing a flag pole. Simply place lights in the ground around the base of the pole and aim the light up.

For a business these are great ways to save money when illuminating a business sign at night. Place three or four lights in front of the sign with them aiming up towards it.

Read more about Solar Sizzler

What’s so great about the Solar Sizzler™?

Solar Sizzler

Using the Solar Sizzler™ for cooking means using a cost-free, non-polluting, renewable and plentiful source of heat for cooking whenever the sun is shining. It’ll save on electricity or gas bills, and is good for the environment.

Where would I use it?

I use mine in my backyard all the time. I can cook while I’m enjoying being in the garden without having to go back inside to the kitchen to check on the food I’m cooking! It’s a great way to cook at a camp site or when traveling. Imagine cooking a freshly-caught fish, using solar energy, right beside the river where it was caught—without having to make a fire or carry a barbecue or gas stove! Or cooking ribs, stews, sauces, and soups using free energy! Since it comes apart into segments, it’s easy to pack up and carry for transporting to a camp or cottage. It’s lightweight and small enough that, when disassembled, it can fit in a backpack!

How would I cook with a Solar Sizzler™?

Once the Solar Sizzler™ is assembled, you need to aim it at the sun. You could build a simple support or use something that is commercially available such as a camera shoe and tripod. Then you would need a support for a cooking pot. (The pot works best if it’s black… I spray mine with black barbecue paint.) You might hang your pot from a tree, or even a laundry line, but using a tripod made for camping is probably the most reliable way to go. Place your cooking pot in the focal point of the light being reflected by the Solar Sizzler™. You can adjust how hot your cooking pot gets by moving the pot or the Solar Sizzler™ away from (or closer to) each other.

Is it complicated to assemble?

Not at all! Put it together in 3 easy steps: 1 Just snap together all the wings to make the outer ring. 2 Put the circular hub into the hole created in the outer ring. 3 Slide the L-shaped hooks on the hub into the slots on the wings and secure them in place… and your Solar Sizzler™ is ready!