Outdoor Solar Lights – An Excellent Way To Cut Electricity Bills

Outdoor Solar Lights

My friend recently told me about how they were saving on the electricity bills of their apartment complex, by meticulously planning on a host of activities. This included reducing the usage of unwanted lights and by switching to renewable energy sources (primarily through the use of ‘outdoor solar lights‘).

In terms of reducing the consumption of electricity, they went about their planning in a very systematic manner. To begin with they made a list of all the light and fan points in the building and then identified what was being used for how long and thereby the amount of electricity consumed. Then they sorted out what was not required and switched it off immediately.  The next step involved reducing usage of the existing lights and then switching to outdoor solar lights in the gardens and parks.

Outdoor Solar Lights for home

While everyone was aware of the possibility of using best outdoor solar lights, no one knew the details. To overcome this, they brought in an expert who could educate them on regarding the use of solar power and the costs and savings involved. All the residents in the complex were brought together to listen to what the expert had to say. The objective was to ensure that every one was aware of the possibilities and the fact that each individual effort could help in saving electricity consumption and that would help the collective objective. It was a step to make people aware and educate them further about their social responsibility towards the planet. (more…)

Solar Lights Guidelines On Buying

Solar Lights

We have compiled a list of FAQs that many customers have brought to our attention throughout the years that will help you understand how solar lights work and which solar lights are right for your application.  Let’s get started!

Solar Lights Batteries

Why do solar lights require batteries? How do solar lights work?

All solar lights require rechargeable batteries in order to store the solar power collected by the sun during the day to power the light at night. During the day the solar panel will recharge the internal batteries in the solar light so there is ample power in the evening for the lights to illuminate.

Will I need to replace the rechargeable batteries in my solar lights? 

Yes. Most of our solar lights use AA rechargeable batteries, which can be purchased at any hardware, or electronics store that sells batteries. Most rechargeable batteries should be replaced every 18-24 mos.

LED Solar Lights

What are LEDs? How do LED solar lights work?

LEDs are a super energy efficient light source also known as light emitting diodes. LEDs are actually semiconductors that emit light when voltage is applied. LEDs are used in almost all electronic devices today such as digital watches and cell phones.

What makes LEDs super energy efficient is no heat is needed in order for the LED to illuminate. With standard incandescent Edison type bulbs 90% of the power consumption is used or wasted burning the filament.

LEDs emit no heat and since they are so efficient they last upwards of 50,000 hours. The key benefits of buying LED solar lights are: You will never need to change the bulbs and your solar lights will last for years and years.

Since they consume such little power LED solar lights can stay illuminated all night long with a small battery source pre-installed inside your solar light.

Lastly, LEDs emit an extremely intense and targeted light beam that produces a natural light color closer to natural daylight. Solar lights from Earthtech Products are available with cool or warm white LEDs.

Weather Conditions and Solar Lights

Do my solar lights require direct sunlight?

Yes. Solar lights do require direct sunlight. Solar lighting is site and weather sensitive. The panel may be adversely affected by anything that obstructs sunlight or other surrounding lighting that may interfere with the solar panel. Panel recharges with daylight.

The light output will perform under most conditions however; light intensity may be affected by available Sunlight. While a solar light not receiving direct sunlight may perform for a few hours a night in order for your solar lights to operate at maximum efficiency for the entire night they should receive direct sunlight daily.

Will my solar lights work in freezing temperatures?

Yes. Our solar lights are designed to be completely weather and waterproof. For our customers living in cold northern climates you should expect your solar lights to function as usual however, keep in mind available sunlight in winter months is reduced so your run time or on time for your solar lights may be reduced as well.

Solar Lights and Photocell Sensors

Do my solar lights have an on/off switch? Will my solar lights turn on automatically at night? 

Yes. Solar lights do have an on/off switch. When placed in the on position the photocell sensor will be active and your lights will come on automatically at night and also turn off automatically at dawn. When your solar lights are in the off position the batteries will still charge during the day but the photocell sensor will not be activated so the dusk to dawn operation will not be activated and your lights will not illuminate until put back into the on position.

Solar Lights Maintenance and Installation

Are solar lights difficult to maintain? What is involved with installing my solar lights?

The beautiful thing about solar lights and what makes them so appealing is the absence of maintenance and ease of installation. Many of our customers choose solar outdoor lights because they do not want to hire an electrician to hard wire lighting at their home or business.

Another key factor is the energy efficiency and energy cost savings of solar lights vs. hard-wired lighting. Since solar lights require no electrical grid power and are powered exclusively from the sun there are no electricity costs involved and no complicated wiring is required.

As far as installation is concerned, Ground Stake Solar Lights are simply staked in the ground and they are ready. Now that beats the headache and costs associated with hard wiring lighting.

As far as maintenance is concerned, they’re a few simple factors to keep your solar lights functioning at there best. Here they are: Change the rechargeable batteries every 18-24 mos. or as needed and keep the solar panel and photocell sensor clean.

By keeping the solar panel clean you will be assured maximum solar cell efficiency. By keeping the photocell sensor clean the auto dusk to dawn operation will function and not be tricked into thinking its dark out during the day because the cell is covered with dirt.

In this event the light will turn on during the day (thinking it is night time) and the batteries will be discharged leaving no power left to illuminate your solar lights at night.

You should also install your solar lights in locations that will not be obscured by trees or nearby street lamps or other lighting that will trigger the photocell sensor to think it’s daytime during the evening hours. In this case the solar lights will not turn on as the photocell sensor light on position is triggered by darkness.

How Does Solar Umbrellas Worked?

Solar Umbrellas

From the popularity that solar umbrellas get nowadays, it is impossible that you don’t have any background of what these chic umbrellas can brought to your life. This “traditional-looking” umbrella has brought smiles to homeowners and garden enthusiasts around the globe.

Solar umbrellas are just one of those alternative lighting system we have nowadays that begun to innovate into more designs and uses. When it was first introduced to the market, the first purpose it originally has is to provide lighting to your patio and garden that could also help save mother earth. It still is nowadays, but of course, there are more use added to it.

When we see these umbrellas, one of the questions that may pop up in your mind might be, how does they light? Next might be, how long would they last? To answer these two questions, read further.

LED Bulbs

led bulbs

Solar lights nowadays uses brighter LED bulbs, these might be attached already in the umbrella or might be bought separately. What is good about these bulbs is, it is produces light that are bright enough and not too much. It can last longer, in some cases just as longer as the bulbs fixture, since it efficiently uses heat not like the other bulbs available in the market.

Photovoltaic Cells

When the umbrella is exposed to the sun’s energy, this photovoltaic cells traps the energy from the sun and stores it in these cells. Photovoltaic cells captures and stores energy well making it more effective for the LED buls to function well during the night. Though the main function of these cells are to trap energy coming from the sun, it is still very effective during times when there is less sun rays,.It only distributes the right amount of light needed on the environment and stores the rest of the energy well in the cells.

When you are thinking of finally buying your first solar umbrellas, remembering these important details on what your umbrella should have is good enough for you to get the best item for your need.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Going Solar

Going Solar

Thought about going solar, but need that extra push to follow through? People often consider making the change to renewable energy; however, many doubt the benefits associated and in turn question the financial investment involved. We’re here to tell you why switching to solar power might just be the best decision you have ever made.

For quite some time, the costs and benefits associated with switching to renewable energy outweighed the benefits. Consumers questioned the high cost systems when fossil fuel alternatives remained much cheaper. Today, this isn’t the case. Renewable energy, in this case a solar energy system, is more affordable than ever. More homeowners are learning the benefits of going solar and are making the switch to promote their energy independence.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider investing in a solar energy system:

1. Solar energy is self-generated.

Have you ever been stuck in a power outage? Most can answer this question with a firm YES! Not only is it inconvenient, sometimes it can last for an unbearable duration of time. Blackouts are often caused by an electrical power grid going down for various reasons. If you have a solar energy system, you’ll never have to worry about this problem! Solar panels harvest energy throughout they day and store it in your own personal power grid. This grid provides energy throughout the day regardless of other local power grid conditions. It’s like having your own personal utility company in the comfort of your home!

2. Solar energy never runs out!

Unlike gas, coal and other resources used as fossil fuels, solar energy will never run out. As long as the sun continues to rise and set every day, (which we like to assume it will), the energy you can harvest will always be renewable. The availability of this resource is unlimited and is yours for the taking!

3. The solar energy industry is creating new jobs, and fast!

With the demand for renewable energy higher than it has ever been, new jobs are being created every day. In a recovering economy, this is crucial to helping boost our American prosperity. Solar energy is creating jobs 10 times faster than the national average.

4. Solar is reducing our dependence on foreign resources.

A large majority of our energy providing resources are imported from foreign countries. Making the switch to solar power keeps our jobs and resources domestic while reducing our dependence on foreign subsidiaries. The domestic production of solar energy systems creates jobs and reduces foreign imports.

5. Environmental impact

Components of solar panels are made with 100% recyclable materials. Creating, installing and using these systems has no environmental impact and actually helps reduce our carbon footprint. Renewable energy helps the environment we live in today and protects it for future generations to come.

Solar energy is the way of the future. Get on board!

Solar Power Systems That You Can Make Yourself at Home

Solar Power Systems

Solar power systems need not be expensive. Indeed, some people are powering their water heaters and other appliances for a capital cost of less than $100! You can use cheap products that you already have at home, and which you can get from your local supermarket or hardware, to create an entirely nature-driven home power system.

If you are the type of person that hates DIY and feels peeved when you have to change a light bulb, then you will be astonished to learn that the people who are getting off the grid and saving thousands of dollars per month by installing their own DIY power systems are just ordinary folk like you and me.

They all have one thing in common: they resent paying out a huge chunk of their earnings to the electric companies, and they all want to make use of the incredible natural resources that are available for free to us all – sun, wind and biological phenomena. The world is going green, one household at a time.

Knowledge is Power

The main problem people have when deciding to make the switch to home solar panels, wind power generators and the like, is a lack of reliable information. YOU CANNOT TRUST WHAT THE BIG SUPPLIERS OF SOLAR HEATING PANELS SAY. THEY WANT TO TAKE A CHUNK OF YOUR MONEY!

The internet has made it possible for regular folk to exchange information on an unprecedented scale. You can look at websites such as this one and download amazing books such as the one advertised on this page called DIY Power System®, which you can download here.

The interesting thing about this ebook is that it covers more than just solar panels. It looks at every possible source of free power from the home, from wind generators to biodiesel to making your own batteries and even building your own house!

Solar Power is the Heart of the System

While the DIY Power System® is multi-faceted, the heart of the system involves the use of solar panels. These panels, or rather the photovoltaic cells they contain, are really the ONLY very expensive item in the system. And yet they are not THAT expensive. You can recoup the cost of installing an ENTIRE DIY Power System® in your home in a matter of a few months.

How To Troubleshoot Solar Garden Lights?

Solar Garden Lights

When it comes to garden and landscape lighting, my personal preference is solar. Solar garden lights are eco-friendly because they use free energy from the sun (no electricity!) and they are easy to install.

Sometimes though, solar lights will stop working. What can you do if your lights fail to light up at night? Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot your solar landscape lights.


The first thing to check with lights that aren’t working would be the batteries. Make sure you have turned on the lights (some lights have on/off switches) and that you have removed any pull-tab that blocks the batteries from making contact during shipping. Believe me, I’ve done this before.

The NiCad rechargeable batteries that light up solar garden lights should last for one to two years, if you’ve had the lights for awhile you might need to get new batteries. Replacement batteries can be purchased in the lighting or garden section of most home improvement stores.


Solar landscape lights need at least six hours of direct sunlight on the solar panel during the day in order to light up at night. If your solar lights are not lighting up, are dim or are not staying lit for very long, check their location. Move them into a bright, sunny spot to collect sunlight then watch to see how well they light up at night.

If solar lights are located too close to bright outside lights (such as a porch light or security light) they will not light up adequately. Trying moving them farther away from the outside lights.

Solar Panel

If the solar panel is obscured by dirt or leaves or appears to be damaged, clean it off then set the light in the sun. Occasionally a solar panel can become so dirty or damaged that it no longer functions.

LED Bulb

While LED lights have long lifespans, the bulbs can occasionally become damaged. When a few of my solar lights stop lighting up, I discovered that two of them had damaged LED bulbs. The leads on the bulbs can corrode and break, which is what happened with these particular lights.

Replacing the LED bulbs on inexpensive solar garden lights is not cost effective, but if you have bought high-end lights with a warranty you should check with the manufacturer.

Depending upon the circumstances, the terms of the warranty and the time frame, some solar light manufacturers will warranty and replace damaged bulbs (or entire lights).

Final Thoughts

If you have replaced the batteries, cleaned the terminals, checked the LED bulbs, cleared the solar panels, changed the locations and your solar garden lights still don’t work, then you may just be out of luck. Fortunately, solar landscape lights are affordably priced and can be replaced easily.

Solar Fairy Lights

Solar Fairy Lights

Solar fairy lights come in a variety of styles that are sure to add a wonderful accent to your garden or yard.  You can purchase a cluster of lights in a ball shape that are called solar fairy lights, or you can purchase a more traditional actual representation of a fairy in the form of a solar light.

The best aspects of installing solar fairy lights are two fold.  First, there is no complicated installation process, you simple either hang your light cluster in a tree (ball shape style), or place the fairy on the ground in the desired location.  The other great aspect is that you do not need to pay for the electrical charges associated with this lighting, because it is entirely solar, therefore, costs you nothing.

If you want to add an almost magical quality to your yard or garden, then solar fairy lights are the ticket.  Solar fairy lights can be fully charged and ready to add a fantasy quality to your yard with just one day in the sun.  The solar cell contained within the light unit will automatically turn on the light and light up for a full 15 hours of continuous illumination.

Of course, solar fair lights are not going to provide an extraordinary amount of light, they are simply an accent or a feature that adds interest and can light up small areas of interest.  They can be used as a tool to light a path or show an area where a person can walk or sit, for example, on a bench.

These days, everyone is trying their best to do everything that they can to move towards a more green lifestyle by conserving energy and wasting less.  Solar fairy lights are a great choice because they do not require electricity and are harmless to our environment.  Although solar lighting may cost more when you purchase it, in the long run you will end up saving quite a bit of money in electrical costs.  The only major drawback to this type of lighting is that it may not perform optimally if the weather is cloudy or rainy.

Solar Lamp Post

Solar Lamp Post

If you are a home owner then a solar lamp post is something that you may very well need. These are a recently new invention and have many advantages over the old style of lamp posts. In this site we will discuss the advantages of owning a solar lamp post. We will also discuss price and what to look for when deciding which one to buy.

I personally live out in the country away from city lights. My driveway is very dark and nearly impossible to see once it gets dark. I knew I needed a light out at the end of the driveway, but it is 200 feet long and I didn’t want to dig a trench that long for the wires. Plus the price for an electrician would have made it quite a steep investment just for a driveway light. That’s when my wife suggested a solar lamp post. At first I figured it wouldn’t work well at all, but I was surprised to see how far they have come with the technology.

The first thing I noticed when I started looking for a solar lamp post was that they come with LED lights installed in them. These lights are much brighter than the old style and use much less power. This way the light stays on for a very long time on little power and remains bright the whole time. The solar batteries that are inside the light are also a much better technology than the old style. Most have lithium batteries which last a very long time on a charge. This is also better for the environment because you don’t need to use electricity and the power source is just the sun, so you remain carbon neutral.

As I said before you can install one anywhere and don’t need to dig trenches or run any wires. That is the real great thing, the installation is a snap and costs you nothing except your time.

I got my solar lamp post at my local hardware store for $265.00. They have cheaper ones but mine came with eight LED lights. Cheaper ones have only one light and may be lesser quality. When you are looking I would recommend the following features.

Cast aluminum construction

Auto dusk-to-dawn operation

Powder coated finish

Glass panes

You should shop around online as well for the best price, but watch out because sometimes you will have to pay too much for shipping.

So now I can see my driveway easily even in the darkest of nights. It didn’t cost me much and there was no mess plus the installation was very easy. If you need light for a driveway or your backyard or anywhere at all I would highly recommend a solar lamp post. It has made my driveway much safer at the very cheapest price I could pay.

Solar Yard Lighting

Solar Yard Lighting

If you have a backyard chances are that you have thought about using solar yard lighting to provide nighttime illumination. A big advantage with them is that there is no wiring running across your lawn, which could cause people to trip. The main thing to consider is that your yard must get direct sunlight during the day to charge the lights. They generate and store power during the day and then when the sun has gone down they release it, which is very similar to how a satellite works.

Solar yard lighting consists of a plastic case, a solar cell on the top, an AA Nicad battery, a small controller board, an LED light source and a photoresistor to sense darkness. Many homeowners use these types of lights for safety reasons. They may have a very dark or dangerous pathway or set of stairs that needs nighttime illumination. Since they do not require electrical power, you do not have to worry about them not working during a power failure.

The sensors that are a part of solar yard lightingis able to tell the onset of nightfall and daybreak, which means they automatically turn off and on without any intervention by the homeowner. This is a good feature as it allows your yard to be lit whether you are home or not.

There are other types if solar yard lighting that run off of one solar panel. The panel must be in the sun while not all lights running off it need to be in the sun, you can have some in the shade if you wish. These alternative energy sources are very popular now and they save people money and are much better for the environment. If you have never considered this form of outdoor lighting then it is time you joined the cause.

Solar yard lighting adds beauty to your landscaping as well as providing a safe walking area at night. People use these lights to illuminate statues, water fountains and flower gardens as well. The cost of purchasing these lights has diminished over the last few years making them an even better investment now. They are also quite simple to use and require little effort to install.

Solar yard lighting must be charged long enough to provide adequate nighttime lighting. The improvements in batteries and solar cells have made it easier to find an acceptable location to charge during the day. When searching for the proper lighting to meet your needs make sure you get the information on how long the charge lasts. Some lights stay on longer than others do. Many retail outlets now sell these types of lighting systems. Online stores also offer different types of solar lighting as well.

Solar Walkway Lights – Add Bright Lights to Your Home the Easy Way!

Solar Walkway Lights

Solar walkway lights are a great way that you can add depth, warmth, and safety to your home. Lights like these copper pathlights from Homebrite  are easy to install, create some great light, and can be used on almost in almost any lawn or garden. Since the only installation required is sticking these lights into the ground, installing them is a home improvement project that can easily be completed in a weekend.  Here are some other choices for great light fixtures that you can add to your property this weekend!

Moonrays Verona Style Solar Powered Light

This package from Moonrays comes with 10 solar powered walkway lights for under $30 and is one of the best deals that you will find for lighting up your home. The lights give off a soft glow that is idea for outdoor path lighting.  They provide enough light to see by, but they won’t overpower the other lights on your landscape.  They offer great value for your money and are in the price range of nearly every homeowner.  Buy them here , or see our full review on them for more information.

Moonrays Wilmont Style Path Lights, Copper

If you like the Moonrays brand but want to a slightly different look to your path than the Verona style lamps offer, check out these Wilmont style lamps.  They are just as affordable as the Verona lamps, but are finished with copper, giving them a nice study feel and classic look.  You can find them and a huge selection of other landscape lights here .

Let’s Edge It Decorative Brick Edging

One of the more unique options that you have for installing solar walkway light is these decorative bricks from let’s Edge It. This set of lights comes with 6 solar powered lights and 50 bricks, all of which easily snap together and can be pressed into the ground.  They’re useful for walkways, but you can also use them to edge a multitude of other areas, from flower beds to patios.  They work very well, are bright and stay lit nearly the entire night.  Read our review, or find them on Amazon  to start working them into your lighting plans today.

Newport Solar Landscape Path Lights

This solar walkway lighting package from Newport Solar come with 12 different solar lights and is a great option for anyone that wants to add some outdoor garden lighting quick.  The lights are great for your walkways, but have numerous other applications as solar lights for gardens. They can be used for accent lighting anywhere in your landscape, feature lighting, and even ambient lighting. The lights themselves are made of stainless steel and fit in great with any contemporary lighting fixtures that you already currently have installed.

Homebrite Copper Landscape Lights

Our final pick for light fixtures that will work great for adding lights to your paths is this set of lights from Homebrite.  They are stainless steel with a copper finish, like a few of the other fixtures we reviewed but what sets these lights apart is the “warm light” LEDs included in them.  The natural, warm  light from these LEDs puts out softer, more gentle light than the harsh blue-white light that many other solar lighting fixtures emit.  To give your property a soft, warm glow you can’t beat these lights.